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At the heart of each FrancoCrea collection is a commitment to timeless, heirloom-quality design.

An object becomes an heirloom not solely through its construction, but through the stories that give it special meaning as it passes down through generations. FrancoCrea is inspired by this process of meaning-making and the many ways we, as human beings, feel connected to objects, to others, and to ourselves.

FrancoCrea’s approach to furniture design is marked by precision and intention and has been since 2013. A team of local designers and artisans passionate about preserving true craftsmanship. All FrancoCrea products are designed and manufactured on Australian soil in Adelaide and Melbourne, and each piece is name-plated and verified with a certificate of authenticity.

Indoors or outdoors, residential or commercial, their responsibility as luxury furniture designers remains the same: they design for real life, not for design’s sake. Through a marriage of beauty and function, FrancoCrea furniture has a regenerative quality that feels nostalgic and, at the same time, brand new.

Designer Franco Crea’s minimalist aesthetic and precision manifest as high-quality, high-end furniture with refined and romantic elegance. Trained in interior architecture and furniture design, he joins traditional techniques with sustainably sourced materials, working closely with clients to select pieces that suit the nuances of their daily lives.

“It is not enough for furniture to be beautiful—it must also be usable and meaningful. Through materiality and the stories that surround it, each piece I design develops its own rich narrative of person and place”. Franco Crea


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