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bedouin SOCIETE


Established in 2011, bedouin SOCIETE was founded on a vision of creating luxurious home textiles from sustainable natural fibres elevating the every-day items we use in our homes. The underlying belief being functionality and beauty should naturally cohabitate.

The inspiration is anchored in the arts, sculpture, architecture and mother natures art of colour. The aesthetic an understated elegance, disciplined but always with ease, to be in the present but timeless. The focus: to make practical, sustainable and genuine products that are in tune with our everyday lives and provide us with a sense of revelation and intimacy.

The collections are characterised by a relaxed and sophisticated approach to design, fine quality natural fibres and high-end construction techniques. Each product is designed and crafted to be refined, simple, with subtle detail and timeless modernity.

Pure linen formed the basis of the original collections. inspired by its inherent sustainable qualities, performance as a textile, handle and uniqueness, it is now the currency of the house.

The first collection was snapped up by leading high-end boutiques. the brand quickly became known locally and globally for its subtle and considered designs. It has continued to grow and be recognised as one of australia’s leading home textile brands. The brand is represented in unique and high end homeware boutiques, sourced by leading architecture and interior design firms, and housed in luxury accommodation globally. 2020 saw the launch of its digital flagship store.


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