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  • We’re celebrating the 50th anniversary of Danish designer Verner Panton’s most iconic designs – the VP Globe and Spiral pendant – with dedicated manufacturer, VERPAN.

    Founded in 2003 for Verner Panton’s lighting range, and expanding in 2010 with the addition of a furniture line, VERPAN is the licensed manufacturer of designs by iconic Danish designer Verner Panton. In close partnership with the Panton estate, now managed by wife Marianne Panton, VERPAN has accrued production and sales rights to an extensive selection of Verner Panton’s back catalogue.

    The Danish company are driven by Verner Panton’s legacy of functional, modern and unique design. After managing director Miffy Coady’s visit to their headquarters in Horsens, Denmark, we’re taking the opportunity to pay tribute to VERPAN’s key design milestones. Devoted to breathing life into designs from more than 50 years ago, VERPAN reveals Verner Panton’s work is just as avant-garde today. 

    One of Denmark’s most proficient designers, Verner Panton established and maintained an exclusive repertoire for unmatched originality and constant experimentation. Creating lamps, furniture and textiles, Panton was also a sought-after interior designer. Uncompromising on craftsmanship or quality, the designer enthusiastically embraced new materials, bold colour palettes and strong sculptural creations. 

    Undoubtedly the most recognised Panton piece, the VP Globe Pendant celebrated its 50 year anniversary in 2019. The iconic globe features a clear transparent acrylic outer sphere with internal coloured reflectors on steel chains. The pendant was proudly reintroduced by VERPAN in 2003; VERPAN CEO Peter Frandsen says the pendant still manages to impress their team today.

    Designed in 1969, the Cloverleaf sofa has now been exclusively produced by VERPAN for Prada boutiques. Distinguished by its sculptural properties and ample modular options, the Cloverleaf is one of Panton’s most unique works to date. 

    Also receiving an exclusive re-edition for the luxury fashion brand, the VERPAN  x Prada Inflatable Stool captivated attendees at Prada’s SS19 show. The VERPAN  x Prada Inflatable Stools were illuminated by fluorescent lights to achieve Verner Panton’s desired effect: a floating on air appearance.

    Panton worked on the FUN lamp for years, with the aim to design a lamp that would cast a diffused light and form a sculpture in a room. Initially, it was to be created from plastic; a very popular material at the time. But Panton discovered dainty, pearlescent seashells on a getaway with wife Marianne Panton in Malaysia, which became the FUN light’s defining material. Today, the FUN family is available in a variety of sizes and finishes, including pendants, floor, table and wall lamps. 

    Another Danish lighting masterpiece is Panton’s WIRE table lamp. Characterised by a clear plastic shade and exposed cylindrical metal beams, it’s regarded as one of Panton’s greatest works of art.

    “The main purpose of my work is to provoke people into using their imagination. By experimenting with lighting, colours, textiles and furniture, I try to encourage people to make their surroundings more exciting”.

    –  Verner Panton

    Marianne and Verner Panton on the Cloverleaf sofa during Visona 2 (1970). © Verner Panton Design

    VERPAN are revisiting Verner Panton’s exclusive archive and releasing two new products in 2020; the FLEX chair and the SIXTY lamp series. With only a simple hand drawing to work from for the FLEX chair, VERPAN immediately recognised the chair’s potential and began taking it from concept to reality. Paying homage to Panton’s traditional approach, the chair is ergonomically designed and highly functional. Originally developed for Royal Copenhagen, the SIXTY lamp series consists of a brass disc-shaped shade and opal glass reflector, achieving a soft luminescent glow.

    VERPAN’s extensive collection represents some of the most memorable examples of Verner Panton’s work. Consistently refining and modifying their products, VERPAN guarantees, above all, they always stay true to Panton’s design heritage.

    See the full range of VERPAN products exclusive to Great Dane here and our est favourites here.

    Verner Panton

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