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  • BOS COS Sevilla by Febrero Studio is a refreshing take on boutique holiday accommodation in the Andalusian city of Seville.

    Like most cities and towns in Spain, the architecture in Seville is highly protected. So as you can imagine, when short-stay rental company BOS COS approached Madrid-based designers Febrero Studio to divide an old Sevillian courtyard townhouse into four independent flats, Febrero Studio co-founder Jesús Díaz Osuna knew he had his work cut out for him. “Creating a new structure using part of the old and ensuring everything fit the legislation was very complex,” Jesús admits.

    Entering BOS COS can be likened to stepping back in time to early 1900s Seville.

    The internal courtyard is a direct nod to the hallmark of Moorish architecture throughout the south of Spain – the patio.

    An Ode to the ‘Casa Patio’

    When you think of Seville, images of Moorish arches and garden patios come to mind. These distinct connotations and Seville’s rich architectural history helped shape Febrero Studio’s design intent. “The mood and feeling of this city are so powerful and authentic; we really needed to play this card,” Jesús explains. “We were totally focused on doing something contextualised in the city of Seville and in the building typology. Every design decision we made needed to make sense and have meaning.”

    Febrero Studio were determined to maintain as much of the century-old townhouse as possible. However, in line with heritage preservation laws, half of the original building had to be demolished and rebuilt entirely from scratch. The result is four separate apartments; two within the old building and two in the new, although you’d never guess which is which from the outset. “Creating the illusion that both old and new wings of the building were originally one presented another challenge,” Jesús says.

    The central patio was instrumental in uniting both builds as one. “These vertical openings, traditional in Sevillian architecture, were the perfect tool to unite the buildings and provide visual rhythm,” Jesús adds. Febrero Studio retained the original openings of the old building and mirrored these in the new counterpart. Although there are no arches in sight, the deep-rooted Andalusian culture of indoor-outdoor living is still prevalent in what Jesús calls “the essence of a casa patio (patio house) with a contemporary twist.”

    Febrero Studio layered earthy tones like ochre auburn with organic textures, including terracotta and linen to reflect the Andalusian landscape.

    Live Like a Local

    BOS COS created their Seville outpost to offer a new perspective of tourist flats that felt closer to a boutique hotel without compromising on character. These four apartments offer guests a chance to experience living in Seville like a local while still feeling like they’re on holiday. Each serviced apartment features an outdoor terrace with a seating area, a fully-equipped kitchen and access to the seasonal outdoor swimming pool, a necessity in the dry Andalusian heat.

    The apartments couldn’t be more centrally located. The Palacio de las Dueñas – a renowned late 15th century Renaissance style palace – is only a minute’s walk away. Other iconic landmarks, including the Plaza de Armas, La Giralda and the Catedral de Sevilla, are also within walking distance.

    The apartments share access to the seasonal outdoor swimming pool; a necessity in the dry Andalusian heat. Orange and white striped cushions evoke a sense of Mediterranean seaside nostalgia together with patinated water fixtures.

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