A new project from architect Hannah Tribe and metal craftsman Adam Corry is a return to timeless, efficient fixtures, designed and made locally.

PHOTOGRAPHY Brooke Holm | STYLING Megan Morton

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We’ve expressed our admiration of architect Hannah Tribe from Tribe Studio in the past. Hannah and her talented team are adept at delivering refreshing, intelligent designs that fulfil sustainability and aesthetic objectives.

In her latest undertaking with frequent collaborator and metal craftsman Adam Corry, Tribe continues to drive these objectives, through essential architecture hardware – the bits and parts that contribute to the sensory experience of being at home.

Both founders were motivated by the lack of permanence in many contemporary fixtures. “I believe we need to demand the resolved aesthetics and quality that we had before. We must stop building disposable stuff” says Hannah. Drawing inspiration from the timeless, sturdy nature of ‘back in the day’ pieces, the BIT PART pieces have minimal moving parts, are unfinished and without artifice.

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Made from pure, classic materials of marble, brass, stainless steel and bronze – each piece from the BIT PART collection has a distinct identity, a story to be told through touch and over time. Adding a playful touch to the collection, there’s also pops of colour, with bright reds, pinks and blues to be found throughout the metals.

Over time, the pieces will tarnish and the aesthetics will become worn in, but Tribe and Corry are confident in the durability of their collection. “Back in the day, doorknobs were solid and timeless” says Corry – “BIT PART is like these old pieces, but it fits better. And it looks better”.

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The BIT PART collection spans across door knobs, levers, plates and a range of joinery pulls. For those seeking high-grade hardware, or perhaps just a long-lasting fixture to update a flimsy solution, this series will be one to bookmark.

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