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  • We’re taking a New York minute to walk through five of our favourite homes hailing from the Empire city.

    In Todd Selby’s ‘The Selby: This is Your Place’, the book opens by describing an inherent curiosity to look inside other people’s homes, that unites all New Yorkers. It’s this interest that we share, as we dive into examples of how people live in apartments, townhouses or lofts designed by some of the city’s best design studios. 

    It’s no secret the big apple is a global focal point for design and creativity. Upholding this reputation, we’ve assembled five very different homes built for New York City living – be it a post-war apartment or high in Manhattan’s sky. Beneath their diversity is a shared quality and value in conceptual design, satisfying our appreciation for living in a city that never sleeps.

    Lorimer Street Townhouse by Elizabeth Roberts Architects

    We’re fortunate to have featured a number of New-York-based designer Elizabeth Roberts Architects’ historic home transformations on est. A favourite of those brought into the new era is this three bedroom Williamsburg townhouse. While it took up a prime position in Brooklyn, it was in a state of absolute disrepair before it fell into the designer’s hands, who pulled almost everything up and started again.

    While retaining one standout feature – the wood joists of the top level – Elizabeth Roberts Architects stripped back, replaced and updated the remaining features of the home. In doing so, they’ve created an eclectic Brooklyn home for a family of four that wears its history well.

    Gramercy Park Apartment by nune

    Like Elizabeth Roberts Architects, nune is a design studio with a real knack for reviving New York City’s heritage homes. In the Manhattan neighbourhood of Gramercy Park, nune redesigned this couple’s 1940s apartment that had undergone its first phase of renovation during the early 2000s.

    To reinvigorate both the dated layers and original home, nune prioritised opening up and brightening the home. While keeping things simple, nune has created a real sense of New York City drama and personality in the home with textural elements such as the exposed brick and darker colour ways. 

    Chelsea Pied-a-Terre by Stadt Architecture

    A couple from Vancouver with their eye on a pied-a-terre in New York City didn’t want to forego the greenery they were used to. They called on local architecture studio Stadt Architecture to realise this vision in a post-war Manhattan apartment through creative custom details.

    The bespoke renovation included a wall inspired by Vancouver’s evergreen landscape and golden sun, literally dripping in gold and overlaying rich, saturated green tones. Informed the palette of the entire home’s furnishings, it’s clear this petite Chelsea apartment is entirely tailored to its inhabitants’ requirements.

    Upper East Side Renovation by Ronen Lev

    On a quiet street off Park Avenue, Ronen Lev was asked to redesign and renovate this pre-war apartment. With a focus on injecting the apartment with European style and preserving its pre-war charm, Ronen Lev have combined black and gold accents, dark timber, marble and vintage and modern design objects.

    The New York design studio have also rethought how the apartment can work harder spatially for its inhabitants, while maintaining a feeling of warmth. Could an apartment appear any more fitting to the Park Avenue bill?

    Upper East Side Renovation by Ronen Lev
    Upper East Side Renovation by Ronen Lev

    Four Seasons Residence by Magdalena Keck Interior Design

    High in the sky of the city that never sleeps is this Four Seasons Residence by Magdalena Keck Interior Design is located on the 63rd floor of the second tallest residential building in downtown Manhattan. Inspired by the atmosphere at 700 feet, Magdalena Keck Interior design has played on the voluminous interiors of the two-bedroom apartment and its second-to-none views. The 140-square-metre apartment demonstrates the studio’s keen awareness of light, composition and materials.

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