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  • We’re continuing our annual Best of est series for 2022 with a round-up of this year’s most-read global home features.

    This year we had the incredible privilege of showcasing more than 100 homes from different corners of the globe on and in the pages of est magazine. Among the list of outstanding projects, five stood out the most to est readers. We begin this round-up at a restored townhouse in London’s Notting Hill and finish at a rural retreat in Spain’s Balearic Islands, revealing the distances we’ll travel to source the world’s best residential design.

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    Leinster Square Townhouse by Banda

    In a departure from their signature neutral palette, London design studio Banda experiment with bold tones and textures in their Leinster Square Townhouse in Notting Hill.

    Banda creative director and CEO Edo Mapelli Mozzi says the townhouse’s inherent beauty set the tone for a high level of craftsmanship throughout. “The character of the building inspired much of our design intent which hinges on organic textures and organic materials. By working with such a powerful and historic ‘shell’, we could balance it with more contemporary interior design,” Edo adds.

    Rustic Canyon by Walker Workshop

    Drawing inspiration from the original Hacienda vernacular, Rustic Canyon combines a generous openness with a natural embrace of the surrounding landscape. Walker Workshop propose a series of interconnected yet separate pavilions that intercept and connect across the site through a shared warmth.

    As the form sits nestled into a canyon of the same name, the private and reclusive home is tucked into place while remaining seemingly open to the surroundings. In its densely landscaped setting, the bold and light proportions of the home offer a welcomed balance, clearly visible yet distinctly different.

    Villa Petricor by CO-LAB Design Office

    A sensibly designed holiday home in Tulum, Mexico, blurs the lines between inside and outside, advocating a carefree return to nature.

    ‘Petricor’: the earthy scent that typically accompanies the first rain after a long period of warm, dry weather. This was the chosen name for a private villa in the beach town of Tulum, designed by CO-LAB Design Office. The familiar scent is a sign that the seasons are changing and that nature will again embark on the path of renewal. Inspired by this, the Mexico-based architecture studio have designed the villa around the notions of grounding and re-centring in nature so that we, too can embark down the path of renewal.

    Can Brut by Framework Studio

    Can Brut by Paris and Amsterdam-based Framework Studio lies in the centre of an 85,000 square-metre plot overlooking the Balearic Sea. The family villa adheres to a design vernacular that is both steeped in tradition and tethered to now.

    Entering Can Brut, light floods the hallway creating an easy passage into the kitchen and living area. Curved ceilings reference traditional building methods and attribute an open, airy feel to the villa. Hidden skylights create depth, while internal elevations create contrast. An ongoing engagement with the outdoors is achieved through a direct line between indoor and outdoor spaces. In the kitchen or living area, views of the pool and outdoor dining area are framed from all angles.

    Son Serra by BonVivant Concept

    Sitting as a place of calm composure under the blaze of the Mallorcan sun, Son Serra offers a quiet reprieve from the elements, where contemporary refinement meets rural imperfectability.

    Devised by multi-disciplinary design studio BonVivant Concept, co-founding director Victoria Vidal explains the main responsibility in their approach to the project was to respect the traditional architecture of the area and the home’s original features. “We wanted to reflect tradition from a contemporary approach – mixing the rustic with Art Nouveau touches from a minimalist vision,” she says.

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