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  • Project VV by Pieter Vanrenterghem

    We continue our year in review by taking another look at some of the most remarkable international homes profiled on est in 2019.

    In 2019 we cast our nets far and wide for the best international homes, accommodation and commercial spaces. With more than 100 international spaces showcased across our daily digital content and quarterly magazine (not to mention the myriad of imagery we profiled on Instagram) choosing the highlights from a huge year of global design was no easy feat.

    These five homes span continent, style, form and function, yet each explores how we live now and what sanctuary looks like for contemporary life. From Belgium to Brooklyn, to the inner suburbs of Berlin, these homes reflect the best-loved Global Homes featured on est this year.

    Project VV by Pieter Vanrenterghem

    A masterclass in warm minimalism, this Belgian home by Pieter Vanrenterghem upholds the designer’s expertise in simple, welcoming and well-resolved homes.

    Designing for longevity, Pieter and his team took no shortcuts on the materials, utilising hardwearing yet aesthetically appealing materials such as travertine, brushed wood and cement to create interiors that would age in a beautiful way.

    Building on this new textural landscape, Pieter then introduced a ‘sense of humanity’ to the home through long-loved contemporary furnishings such as Ch24 Wishbone chairs, Flexform sofa (available at Fanuli) and the hand knotted rug by JoV. With these additions, the design builds further harmony with the brutalist elements and earthy palette, creating a home that is assuredly modern, yet warm and inviting.

    Project VV by Pieter Vanrenterghem

    The Neutral House by Studio Niels

    This aptly-named Amsterdam home demonstrates Studio Niels’ assured ability to reduce, refine and focus through design. Working with multiple levels and the brief to open up the home for a young family, the studio added a slim black extension to the home to connect the inside and out, and introduced cleverly concealed storage and cabinets to minimise visual clutter. The reworked floor plan now offers space for a kitchen, kitchenette, cinema room, home office, four bedrooms and three bathrooms – without losing scale or space.

    The material palette further encourages calm through neutral tones and natural elements such as bleached rough oak, soft grey shades, honed marble, white architectural finishes and concrete for the bathrooms and kitchen flooring. Even the steel glass doors were made in a soft grey tone to reinforce the softness of the space. In a time when we’ve never had more at our fingertips, this home is a great reminder of the value of simplicity and craftsmanship.

    The Neutral House by Studio Niels

    Slope Townhouse by nune and Frances Mildred Architectural Design

    After spying a snap of this townhouse in our interview with nune founder Sheena Murphy, we knew we needed to take a closer look. In fact, this 19th century Victorian brownstone was reinvigorated by Sheena and fellow NYC studio Frances Mildred Architectural Design, who went to great lengths salvaging the old and paying homage to its Brooklyn neighbourhood.

    Filled with regal, sun-drenched spaces, the home was restored as close to its original layout and features as possible. Signature interior features like the staircase and original doors were reinforced with hardy, high quality finishes while retaining and updating key elements, while the home’s exterior showcases a classic aesthetic thanks to Benjamin Moore’s Black trimmings and Farrow & Ball’s Skimming Stone (off-white) facade.

    True to Murphy’s magpie eye for design objects and furnishings, vintage and locally crafted contemporary wares help build personality and charm within the home’s reinvigorated classic sensibility. Again, Murphy and co prove why nune continues to be one of our best-loved international studios profiled on est.

    Flanders Farmhouse by Atelier 10.8

    Located in northern Belgium, this modern farmhouse brings together contemporary Scandinavian style alongside that distinctive Flemish minimalism to striking effect. Atelier 10.8 principals Julie Thiers and Henri Van Den Broeke tap into a broad and beautiful appreciation of European design to create a pared-back paradise for this family home.

    Tasked with designing a new Belgian farmhouse showcasing modern interiors with a ‘rural touch’, Atelier 10.8 have delivered a family home that feels spacious, light-filled and pared-back. The open plan layout is devoid of segmented shared spaces and interior doors, emphasising connection across the two levels. Instead, materials distinguish each space from another, allowing for some beautiful material highlights (such as the deep green and crimson stone of the bathrooms) to shine. Entirely refined and impeccably crafted, this is a farmhouse we could consider in any location.

    Flanders House by Atelier 10.8
    Flanders House by Atelier 10.8
    Flanders House by Atelier 10.8

    Glogauer Strasse by Mar Plus Ask

    It should come as no surprise that this Berlin home by European design duo Mar Vicens and Ask AnkerAistrup (aka Mar Plus Ask) was one of our most-loved global spaces this year. It reflects many of the hallmarks we focus on here at est: refined, considered materials, an emphasis on craftsmanship and function, and a clear design personality.

    Transforming a local pharmaceutical supermarket to their own home and office, Mark Plus Ask deliver a tranquil sanctuary that’s tucked away from the chaos of gritty Berlin.

    Partners in business and in life, Mar Plus Ask restructured the heritage building’s stark 180-square-metre retail space into an inviting and serene home enhanced a palette of soft blush hues, oatmeal tones and plenty of textural greys. With their respective Mediterranean and Scandinavian influences, Mar Plus Ask offer a lesson in delicacy and colour with Glogauer Strasse, wholeheartedly transforming this space for years to come.

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