Belgian Apartment by Thomas Geldof and Carmine Van der Linden

  • Thomas Geldof and Carmine Van der Linden join forces to design a two-storey apartment on the Belgian coast.

    When approaching Belgian designers Thomas Geldof and Carmine Van der Linden about their new home, the client proposed the question: “how can you respond to such a view that is shaped by nature and tranquillity?” With this in mind, Thomas and Carmine have embarked on a mission to imbue the home with a palette fitting to its location, reminiscent of seaweed, sand and Marram grass banks. 

    The first collaborative project for Belgian architects Thomas Geldof and Carmine Van der Linden, the designers set out to create a contemporary apartment that embodied a sense of textural refinement throughout. The architects opted for clay-finished walls from Aeris for its honest, tactile appeal, letting the apartment feel reflective of the surrounding green fields, sand dunes and harbour.

    Painted in a muted seaweed green, the birch cabinetry by DecoLust in the kitchen is a direct reference to the water below, working in tandem with the Alga Marina marble; the terrazzo flooring a subtle nod to the appearance of wet sand. Thomas and Carmine have carefully incorporated the utilitarian material of galvanised steel with the kitchen table steel structure made by Geert Van de Velde and tabletop in marble by Eggermont Natuursteen. The staircase, also by Geert Van de Velde, adds an element of robustness to the beachfront home. 

    The spiral staircase at the centre of the home is an unexpected focal point, connecting both levels without compromising on space. Floating shelving fills the full-height void while downstairs panelling conceals further storage space.

    The apartment also includes a timber-clad sauna with full height glazing, providing views of the coastal villas below.

    Through a balance of natural and industrial materials, and keeping superfluous details to a minimum, Thomas Geldof and Carmine Van der Linden’s apartment demonstrates exceptional craftsmanship and Belgian minimalism at its finest.

    Gris Violet marble in the bathroom.

    The bedroom features the Surface Sconce Bronze by Henry Wilson.

    The timber-clad sauna offers views of the beach and coastal villas.

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