Bathroom Closeup | Hunters Hill House II by Alexandra Kidd Design

  • We take a closer look at the finer design details behind Alexandra Kidd Design’s Hunters Hill House II and delve into how a thoughtful palette of cohesive materials and attention to tapware make for a unique bathroom space.

    With the potential to provide private sanctuaries within our homes, it’s no wonder that bathrooms are often one of the first places we look to re-design and invest in. A space crafted for the purpose of relaxation and reflection, the sole function of each bathroom within Hunters Hill House II is to inspire moments of retreat and modern luxury.

    From the master bathroom to the ensuite and powder room, join us on a tour of Hunters Hill House II by Alexandra Kidd Design as we take an intimate look into the finer design decisions that characterise each of the sophisticated modern bathroom spaces within.

    Produced in partnership with Abey.

    This modern bathroom’s look and feel is not without a refined sense of style, where a softly curved, Goccia Basin Mixer with Spout from Abey adds the perfect modern touch.

    Sydney-based Alexandra Kidd Design is a studio that believes in experiential design. At the fore of every project is how people feel in the spaces they create and ultimately how the luxurious homes they design can enhance the lives of their clients. Founder and designer Alexandra Kidd is known for her deft-hand when it comes to layering luxury through simplicity and her attention to the final touches deliver a personal and cultivated aesthetic with each project she takes on.

    A modern Australian palette which confidently exudes elements of European luxury sets the tone for the design scheme behind Hunters Hill House II crafted by Alexandra Kidd and lead designer Demi Barnes. A complete renovation, this leafy North Shore home has undergone a reimagining – both inside and out. “Every aspect was reconsidered to take the client and their family into the next phase of life,” Alexandra says, with empty-nester clients who play an active grandparenting role, Kidd and Barnes both set out to balance the casual and formal spaces to ensure every family member (both big or small) had a space to feel welcome.

    I love the balance we were able to achieve between the contemporary details and classic finishes.”


    – Founder and designer, Alexandra Kidd

    Architectural feats in their own right, each bathroom showcases floating vanities which maximise the sense of space and openness.

    Calacatta Oro marble in differing formats and penny round mosaic tiles in the shower sit seamlessly with Gessi’s Goccia Freestanding External Bath Mixer with Handshower in a powdery white finish.

    A bronze framed mirror next to the bath reflects the light and plays beautifully with the veneer, while powdery matte textures such as Abey’s Goccia Freestanding External Bath Mixer with Handshower in white help to diffuse and soften the space.

    The design of each bathroom was guided by the reconfiguration in the internal layout which provided a sense of openness and welcomed in natural light. “We wanted to create luxurious bathroom spaces where our clients could retreat too, unwind and relax in”, Alexandra says. In the master ensuite, there was originally an 80’s style glass brick that formed a curved wall leading into the bathroom. “Although the materiality of the feature felt tired, the form of the curve perfectly softened the angular architecture and so we retained the soft shape using Ghost Gum timber veneer to bring it into a more contemporary light,” Alexandra explains.

    Alexandra also increased the available vanity space for storage practicality and introduced a skylight over the freestanding bath to encourage more natural light (and bath stargazing). The concept included creating an elegant master suite where the walk-in robe, bathroom and bedroom all sit harmoniously together to create a truly opulent retreat. “We treated the master ensuite like an extension of the bedroom, continuing the voluminous sheer drapes to provide necessary privacy, but also to diffuse the light for a soft, dappled effect,” Alexandra says.

    The curved form of the tapware echoes the curves of the fixed bathroom elements beautifully.”


    – Founder and designer, Alexandra Kidd

    Shape and form are both elements that Alexandra and her team have played with throughout Hunters Hill House II. In each bathroom space, curves and organic moulds have become a repeated motif aiming to connect the existing architecture with the newer elements. The selection of tapware echo these forms, from the powder rooms to the master ensuite; Hunters Hill House II exclusively features Abey’s Gessi Goccia tapware range. A collection of premium tapware, Goccia by Gessi showcases how best to fuse form and function with elegance. Italian designed and manufactured, the Goccia range stands out as an unrivalled collection capturing both innovation and a contemporary silhouette.

    For a classic style with a minimal twist, Alexandra Kidd Design hand-picked the Goccia range of tapware in a clean, minimal finish. “We chose a powdery white finish, which lifts the palette and provides a sense of contemporary freshness to the bathrooms”, Alexandra says. The master ensuite also reveals Abey’s floor-mounted spout for the twin basins, which creates an unexpected detail and highlights the floating vanity which maximises on space and openness.

    Light and soft, each bathroom space artfully blends Gessi’s contemporary fixtures with a timeless palette of materials. Calacatta Oro marble, accents of bronze, Onyx and timber veneer have been carefully woven through each bathroom space to build beautiful cohesion. Every bathroom reflects the home’s materiality, such as through the creative use of timber in the guest ensuite which works to harmonise the palette within the bedroom and create a sense of warmth. “We selected Ghost Gum veneer for the curved wall and walk-in-robe, and we backlit Onyx mounted on the bathroom wall, to offer an ambient, rosy glow in the evening – the ideal lighting for an evening bubble bath,” Alexandra says.

    Refined lines, sumptuous stone and a warm palette define the bathrooms within this modern Australian home. Capturing the integrity of the original house while striking the perfect balance between contemporary details and classic finishes; the bathrooms of Hunters Hill House II hero clean finishes, curved fixtures and luxurious freestanding baths – all equating to the perfect sanctuary with an urban edge.

    In the powder room Gessi’s Goccia Basin Mixer with Spout complements the soft, organic curve of the basin .

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