Katty Shiebeck | Barcelona Apartment

  • At first glance we were floored by the interiors of this Barcelona based apartment and couldn’t help but wonder about the people that might live here. Then, on closer inspection, we discovered that these are in fact renderings and that the gorgeous interiors are merely projections of what’s to come from interior designer Katty Shiebeck. The proposed interiors are part of an apartment development for sale in Barcelona and show wide open spaces that unite what looks like a flawlessly executed kitchen, dining, and lounge area.



    The open concept floor plan enhances the light entering the main rooms of the apartment, offers a great functional space where the amplitude and brightness predominates. The purity of the materials and textures tied with the wooden flooring and the carefully chosen upholstery and curtains add warmth to the space. The combination of all elements creates an elegant, minimalistic interior in a stylish European fashion.



    Shiebeck’s style combines a clear Scandinavian influence in her work as a designer with a simplicity and minimalism that is beautifully shown here in the Barcelona apartments.  Katy’s work as a curator too can also bee seen in the blog she has created to reflect her own personal style and aesthetic. Founded two years ago with Ruben Ortiz, ‘Somewhere I Would Like to Live’ Shiebeck explains the blog was formed with the idea of joining their concerns and references about interiorism. “Ruben as a photographer of interiors and myself as a designer gives much importance to the aesthetic component and we are very meticulous in the care of all the details.”







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