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  • Febrero Studio have revitalised a house in a historic Madrid neighbourhood by calling out and embracing its 20th-century roots.

    When Madrid-based design practice Febrero Studio were approached to restore a heritage three-storey home, they vowed to maintain and celebrate its classic spirit. Febrero Studio co-founder Jesús Díaz Osuna describes the brief as “open”, granting the team ample freedom to recalibrate spaces while maintaining a reverence for their original essence.

    One of the designer’s key objectives was to highlight the clients’ covetable collection of historic art and antique pieces passed down through generations. This is exemplified in the living room, where Febrero Studio have chosen materials and furnishings that compliment the artwork displayed on the walls. 

    Madrid entices architectural enthusiasts with its captivating blend of historic and contemporary-style houses, rendering it an exciting location for residential designers. A historic home, AXH House features hallmarks of 20th-century Spanish architecture, including ornate doors and window shutters, wrought ironwork and traditional marble mantelpieces. 

    To give prominence to these features, Febrero Studio opted for materials and furnishings that provide “sobriety and pause”, as Jesús says. Rather than taking liberties to create a more distinctive or “cool” project, he adds, they chose to do the complete opposite: “We made it special by keeping it understated and allowing the old pieces to shine. It’s a classy house and we have treated it that way.”

    The home’s outdoor spaces, approached in the style of historic Spanish houses, are an essential part of its design, becoming a verdant backdrop to the understated interiors. For visual continuity, the studio have specified concrete floors both inside and outside.

    The floors and finishes were chosen with this in mind and to ensure that the experience of the home was seamless from room to room and from inside to outside. Notably, the studio have specified concrete floors for both the interiors and outdoor courtyard and used deep-blue paint on both sides of the doors and windows. In doing so, they have opened the interiors up to the garden, which forms a central part of the project.  “It was important that everything felt connected and not disrupted,” Jesús says, adding, “We wanted to clean up spaces without destroying or rebuilding anything.” 

    Through cognisance of the home’s history and understanding the clients’ wishes, Febrero Studio have breathed new life into this Madrid bygone.

    The windows and doors are painted deep-blue on both sides to create an interior-exterior link.

    Febrero Studio kept and restored the original stairwell.

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