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    Our friends at Bodie and Fou have taken nature as a reference in their stunning new SS/2013 collection and we think you’ll love it as much as we do.

    Featuring woven seagrass baskets, bamboo pendant lighting, ceramic bowls, chunky wooden chopping boards and of course the ubiquitous – but can never have to many of – wooden stools, the Naturals Collection is a well sourced and well edited range of homewares true to the Bodie and Fou aesthetic, where simplicity and understated is key.

    The new catalogue, styled by Karine Kong (one half of Bodie and Fou) and photographed by Francois Kong, is a stunning visual escape leaving you inspired to introduce a few natural elements into your own space… Today! For more of this clever duo’s work check out Francois Kong

    Boudie and Fou | Seagrass Basket Yellow Throw | Est Magazine

    Bodie and Fou | Bamboo Pendant Wooden Stool | Est Magazine

    Bodie and Fou | Wooden Chopping Boards Linen | Est Magazine

    Bodie and Fou | Wooden White Stool | Est Magazine

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