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    New York-based interior designer Nicholas Obeid takes us through his cosy apartment in Manhattan’s Greenwich Village neighbourhood, reflecting his “considered yet visceral” design approach.

    Nicholas Obeid in his apartment.

    Greenwich Village, or “the Village” as it’s often called, has remained a cherished part of Manhattan’s urban fabric for decades. Known for its bohemian and artistic roots, the neighbourhood attracts young, progressive New Yorkers seeking a blend of culture and convenience. “What I love most about the Village is its proximity to areas like Soho and the West Village, and that I often run into friends who live nearby,” one of the neighbourhood’s residents, Nicholas Obeid, says. The Village is the perfect haven for a young interior designer like himself.

    One need only step inside his apartment to grasp Nicholas’ design approach. Not adhering to any particular style, Nicholas characterises his approach as “considered yet visceral”. He says his apartment is simply a collection of vintage pieces and personal designs he has collected and made over the years. “I tend to gravitate toward pieces with spirit – ones that I’ll never get tired of looking at or living with. I always want a home to feel stylish and collected through pieces I’ve designed or acquired over time.” The apartment’s earthy tones and textures also create an atmosphere of warmth, with materials like marble, blackened steel, oak, walnut, wool, leather and linen.

    Nicholas always gravitates toward the outdoor terrace, which is nearly the size of the apartment itself. He treats it as his own sanctuary, where he begins his mornings answering emails and spends evenings entertaining friends, all while being embraced by the surrounding trees and shielded from the bustle of the street below. “It’s my respite from New York City.”

    “I love the bed sheets that I had made with Spanish and French linens in white, charcoal and mustard — a reference to Armani’s Milanese apartment by Peter Marino – an inspiration of mine. It’s both sharp and soft,” Nicholas says.

    The outdoor terrace is Nicholas’ “respite from New York City”.

    “I love setting the outdoor table with olive green linens, a colour seen throughout the apartment on my sofa and kitchen walls, and clay serveware I brought back from trips to Madrid,” Nicholas says.


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