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  • The home of Belgian designer Evelyn Moreels showcases her globally-informed design aesthetic. 

    The Model House, home to interior designer Evelyn Moreels, is located in the city centre of Ghent, a port city in northwest Belgium. Designed in collaboration with Belgian architect Pascal Bilquin with the aim to create comfortable spaces for her three children, Evelyn took the opportunity to showcase her hand at elegant interiors. Featuring an indulgent selection of materials and furnishings, the home is what Evelyn describes as a mix of ‘delicate and generous spaces’. 

    Evelyn Moreels is responsible for her team’s global aesthetic, working alongside esteemed interior architects and creatives that specialise in interior and colour advice, decorative painting techniques, window decoration as well as wallpaper and upholstery. Satisfied only when a client feels ‘at home’, Evelyn sees her own home as a ‘model’ that clients can experience to appreciate her refined approach to design.

    The atmosphere of the home is delicate and classic. “It feels like Paris,” Evelyn says. “Elegance and respect for the history of the house, but with modern comfort,” she adds.

    The three-storey home adopts a European style with decorative cornices adorning the ceilings of almost every room. The plaster detailing cultivates a traditional style while Evelyn creates a modern atmosphere through materials and finishes. Evelyn’s home also features a courtyard and garden, designed by Aldrik Heirman, complete with two outdoor dining areas furnished by ‘t Huis van Oordeghem. “Aldrik landscaped this city garden into a true oasis,” she says. “A place that grows on you throughout the seasons; even just by looking at it.”

    “We had not the intention of a full renovation. But after removing some walls, we saw the infinite possibilities of the house. We made a whole transformation.”


    – Evelyn Moreels

    The luxurious fireplace and monochrome wall colours are softened by the textural furniture choices in the living room.

    In the living room, the Serge Mouille Applique Cinq Wall light features above the Edra Standard Sofa, inviting a comfortable family setting.

    The home features two stairwells of opposing style. One, a spiral staircase, that Evelyn describes as the most challenging aspect of the home. The showstopping stairwell is a curvaceous structure of white plaster and timber. This modern feature juxtaposes the first-floor stairwell; a dark timber structure with intricate railings. “We put a spiral staircase from the first to the third floor that’s completely self-contained,” she says.

    The kitchen is another standout space, replete with white timber and a Bianca Lasa natural stone countertop by Portier Stone that weighs seven hundred kilograms. Evelyn and her family congregate in this calm and spacious area which connects to the equally impressive dining room.

    Evelyn combined marble with bronze and warm veneers throughout, like American walnut. The window decoration and soft linen curtains exude a softness which balances the darker tiles and timber flooring. “We created a mix of luxurious and pure materials,” Evelyn says, as a way to blend old and new.  

    Evelyn Moreel’s modern take on a traditional Parisian style in her own home is complete with the comfortable atmosphere she wanted to create for her family of five. As Evelyn puts it; “it’s a place that breathes nature and the finest materials in the midst of a city centre.”

    The generous ensuite is a tonal and calm escape for its inhabitants.

    Dark timber and black marble in the bathroom communicate a contemporary style, enhanced by brass tapware.

    “An oasis in the midst of the city center.”


    – Evelyn Moreels

    Evelyn Moreels

    The courtyard is an oasis of green and pink; Evelyn’s favourite colours.

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