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  • Interior designer and one half of design firm Baldwin & Bagnall director Hayden Bagnall opens the doors to his eclectic two-bedroom apartment in Sydney’s Coogee.

    You may recognise the name Baldwin & Bagnall; they’re the designers behind our most-read home feature on in 2020, Annandale Home. Founded by Hayden Bagnall and Heath Baldwin, their aesthetic is relaxed, unique and, as Hayden Bagnall puts it, minimally eclectic; “not bare enough to be minimal, and not so outrageous to be eclectic – we like floating somewhere between.” 

    Hayden was initially drawn to his 130sqm home for its quirky character, natural sunlight and closeness to the Coogee shore. Along with his partner Adam, Hayden has curated his home with sentimental pieces, design classics and abstract artworks, resulting in an expressive home befitting its design-loving owners.

    With a large terrace, two bedrooms and two bathrooms and windows running along three sides of the apartment, Hayden quickly realised there was plenty of room to play with in this home. “I knew there would be some clever design changes and innovations I could introduce to make it even more practical for myself and Adam,” he says. “It really met all of our requirements – comfortable for the two of us, a big space to entertain indoors and out and room to create a great kitchen to cook for plenty of people.” 

    Honouring the 1980s roots of the original building, grey terrazzo tiles form the base of the home in the kitchen, dining, living and library space, creating a blank canvas for the colourful furniture and artwork to sing. The kitchen, clad in Arabescato marble and deep green cabinetry, is where Hayden and Adam seek comfort in their home. “The kitchen is a gentle space where our morning and evening rituals take place, from making our coffee and checking the weather in the morning to a glass of wine together as we prepare dinner and debrief on the day that was,” Hayden says.

    Off the kitchen, a designated dining space with a built-in banquette seat upholstered in Kvadrat x Raf Simons fabric and a custom dining table is where the couple frequently hosts family and friends. “The custom dining table is special in that it was designed precisely for our home,” Hayden says. “I also made one end of the table slightly angled to make getting in and out of the bench seat easier. It’s a little quirk that I love.” 

    “I strongly believe that home should be a reflection of those who live there. Too often people are thinking about what others might think, or what a potential buyer might feel should they look to sell in the future.”


    – Designer Hayden Bagnall

    Hayden collaborated with Luxmy Furniture on the custom dining table, accompanied by the Topos Workshop C-Hairs and Artek A201 pendant.

    The library, the space between the kitchen and dining/living area, is where Hayden and Adam spend most of their time. Baldwin & Bagnall custom-designed the burnished steel shelves to showcase Adam’s prized book collection, Dinosaur Designs vases and sculptures, adjacent to the striking scarlet Utrecht Chair. “I’m really happy these spaces are flexible and adapt as we need,” Hayden says. “They’re individual zones with their own personality, but when they need be, they function perfectly together for a larger group of friends.”

    While the home is a true reflection of Adam and Hayden, Hayden says the aesthetic prevalent throughout the home is also a candid expression of the Baldwin & Bagnall design intent. “As with all of our work, we try to have a relaxed, fun and unique approach to interiors,” Hayden says. “In regards to my own home, I felt like I was able to take that and amplify that point of view a little further,” he adds.

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