Ash Holmes & Jamie Preisz Launch Collaborative Art Collection

  • Australian artists Ash Holmes and Jamie Preisz, known for their exploration of oil and acrylic, join forces to reveal their first shared collection, titled ‘Duel Permanence’.

    Two Australian artists, both residing in Sydney and individually well respected for their craft, come together to create a collaborative body of work. Ash Holmes, a fourth-generation artist, and finalist in the Mosman Prize and Combat Prize joins Jamie Preisz, a multi-award-winning artist with a slew of accolades including The Archibald Packing Room Prize (2018).

    Ash and Jamie’s collaborative approach began 12 months ago, emerging from a shared interest in each other’s work, culminating in the ‘Dual Permanence’ collection. The final collection is the result of Ash and Jamie sending art pieces back and forth between their individual practices, adding ‘layer upon layer’ to create a final coalescence between their individual stylistic approaches.

    Duel Permanence will be showcased at Rainbow Studio from Saturday 27th November until Friday 3rd December. Email to view via appointment.

    ‘Paris to Arles’

    ‘Catching Light’

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