Artisan Debuts at Milan Design Week 2024

Exclusive to Australian retailer ducksnestArtisan unveiled its latest furniture collection with their ‘Pavilion’ stand design at Salone del Mobile.Milano 2024.

Artisan Neva Light Chair
Artisan Jean Table

European furniture brand and wood specialists Artisan made their debut appearance at this year’s Milan Design Week to unveil their new collection, with the Artisan Pavillion. Renowned for their expertise in wood processing, Artisan traces its roots from the traditional woodwork factory Ćostović, valuing the techniques of regional artisans passed down through generations, seamlessly blending traditional and contemporary design. 

Among the highlights at their Salone del Mobile.Milano exhibition were the Monument dining table and Nila dining chair – designed in collaboration with the Croatian design team Regular Company. These pieces encompass exceptional functionality and have been designed to elevate everyday living. 

Exclusive to ducksnest, Artisan thoughtfully reflects the retailer’s design ethos to celebrate sustainable European design, emphasising longevity and outstanding quality. “Customers of ducksnest can anticipate discovering pieces that are designed to captivate and inspire, with a strong emphasis on heritage, craftsmanship, and natural materiality”, says ducksnest director and interior designer, Susan Pehar. “These collections not only showcase the brand’s commitment to artisanal excellence but also weave in narratives of cultural richness and passion, offering customers an opportunity to connect with the pieces on a deeper level”.

Artisan Neva Chair

The Monument Oval dining table is part of Artisan’s new collection, available at ducksnest.

"Artisan's pieces transcend trends, curating furniture that stands the test of time, both in terms of aesthetics and durability."

- ducksnest director and interior designer Susan Pehar

Artisan Neva Sideboard
Artisan Mela Lounge High
Artisan Soft Shelf

Designed with eco-consciousness front of mind, the collection prioritises the concept of ‘slow furniture’ and ethical production. “Each piece is crafted with responsibly sourced natural materials, ensuring not only durability – but also environmental consciousness,” says Susan.

“We believe that slow furniture represents the very best of ethical consumption, embodying circular furniture, intergenerational craft, and the timeless beauty of hand-finishing – each Artisan piece is crafted with care, designed to be passed down from generation to generation.” Artisan’s latest collection is available exclusively through ducksnest.

Artisan’s latest collection is available exclusively through ducksnest.

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