Articolo Showroom by David Goss

  • Articolo founder Nicci Green is a familiar face at est – her handcrafted lighting creations have graced the pages of est magazine many a time over the years. With her keen eye for detail and passion for materiality, Nicci’s works are immediately recognisable – so her studio space needed to reflect an equally striking identity. Cleverly, she teamed up with talented local designer David Goss to reimagine her flagship Articolo showroom in Richmond. Moody, tactile and inviting all at once, Goss has not only captured Articolo’s mantra “the art of light” but has celebrated it through confidently minimalist spaces.

    DESIGN David Goss | PHOTOGRAPHY Sharyn Cairns | ART DIRECTION Marsha Golemac

    One thing’s immediately clear: the Articolo showroom is not your average showroom space. “We wanted the space to feel calm, somewhat serene and intriguing” says David. “This was achieved through a soft, pale colour palette, balance of textures and the integration of two large skylights”. Goss significantly reworked the existing spaces, introducing new walls and removing others to create a more seamless flow between the spaces, as if to draw you on a journey of discovery with Articolo. This begins with the light, generous entrance area, where key Articolo pieces are showcased on the far wall. As you move inside the more gallery-like spaces, the slightly darker areas reveal themselves, evoking a sense of intrigue and surprise as you explore the showroom.

    Goss was inspired by architects such as Vincent Van Duysen and Luis Barragan in considering how the space would feel. A Van Duysen timber bench even became a key anchor point in the transition between the entrance space and lower, wider gallery space after Nicci revealed she had the piece at home already – talk about a client/designer match made in heaven! And just as Van Duysen does so well, here the subtle material palette allows the Articolo products to really shine, complementing the craftsmanship of the pieces while creating a layer of interest and dynamic.

    “Working with David is always a wonderful experience” says Nicci Green. “Our first collaboration was on the design of our stand at ICFF in 2017, so I knew the process would be both intuitive and rewarding. David understands my passion for light, and the need for Articolo spaces to not simply showcase our designs, but demonstrate the impact and influence of our lighting on the surrounding environment.”

    The creative collaboration between Green and Goss looks only set to continue, with Goss designing Articolo’s stand for ICFF in May. “We often talk about the ‘art of light’ and Articolo’s physical spaces are the best reflection of this” says Nicci.

    “We wanted the space to be a somewhat neutral background to allow the products themselves to shine, but still provide some sense of strong design intent in the interior.  As such, we utilised texture and natural light to provide the layer of interest”

    – Designer David Goss

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