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  • In our latest Art at Home edit, we look at the duality of art and design.

    Designers and artists are often at home in one another’s fields, as the disciplines effortlessly intersect. In this Art at Home feature, we explore ceramics as art, interior designers as painters and sculptors, and graphic art — all with their own distinct style.

    Dinosaur Designs

    Sydney-based Dinosaur Designs bridge the gap between fine art and luxury design with their resin pieces. Designed by husband-and-wife duo Louise Olsen and Stephen Ormandy, the objects reveal their combined love of art and design while considering their impact on the environment. Constructed in marble-like finishes, the curved forms are both textural and full of intricate detail.

    Megan Hounslow

    As an interior designer and artist, Melbourne-based Megan Hounslow understands aesthetics from a design and art perspective, studying fine art before embarking on her design career. Megan’s artworks are a balance of light and dark, inspired by nature’s art – as seen in the dreamy palette evocative of a sunrise. “The work attempts to capture fleeting moments of light between earth, water, and sky with glazing oil colour, rubbing back layers of dark through to light,” she says.

    Neville French

    Neville French’s ceramics speak to the landscape in a play on light and balance with smooth surfaces juxtaposing the tactility of clay. Neville grounds his glaze found in various locations in Australia, continuing the dialogue and translation of the vast topographies while using porcelain. This narrative employs both art and design sensibilities.

    Carla McRae

    Carla McRae’s artworks blend seamlessly into her graphic design practice, blurring the lines between the two disciplines in her fun pop art style. In their quirky worlds, Carla’s characters are constructed in simple lines and primary colours, surrounded by flowers, rays of sunshine, and elements of play.

    Danny Kaplan

    Crafted in New York City, Danny Kaplan’s pieces hover between fine art and design. Danny forms organic structures out of natural clay, glazed in opaque white, blue, and black. Textural surfaces reveal the artist’s hand, from bowls and vessels to lamps and candle holders. Raised in southern France’s Aix-en-Provence, Danny combines the region’s traditional pottery style with modernist art influences, creating timeless form and structure.

    Peta Armstrong

    Based in Victoria’s Surfcoast Shire, Peta Armstrong crafts clay sculptures that offer functionality and aesthetics inspired by nature. Peta brings art qualities to vessels and planters, using her experience in the screen-printing industry as a graphic artist and designer. The natural line continues from the environment into objectivity while raw and organic qualities shine through.

    Beatrix Rowe

    An interior designer by trade, Beatrix Rowe’s sculptures fit seamlessly within their environments, offering geometric balance. The designer first began crafting her artworks to add the transient effects of shadow into her interior design projects. Each sculptural piece plays with scale and light and works as part of a collection for versatility.

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