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  • We learn the synergy between Miele’s premium appliances and Australian architects and designers through a shared vision for efficiency, timelessness and reducing environmental impact.

    Established at the turn of the 20th century in Germany, Miele has long held its trusted position globally for home appliances made to last. Working closely with architects and designers here in Australia, their kitchen and laundry range is central to responding to different briefs and aesthetics, underpinned by a versatility that helps a home meet modern-day demands. 

    In this interview with Miele Head of Commercial Sales AU/NZ Matthew Jefferies, we discover the appliances Australian architects and designers often favour, Miele’s pioneering partnership with zero-waste advocate Joost Bakker and how the brand continues to design home appliances for the future. 

    Produced in partnership with Miele

    Malvern House by Nick Condon and Kate Beadle features Miele wall ovens and an integrated dishwasher. | Photography by Shannon McGrath

    Toorak Home by Lauren Tarrant Design features Miele wall ovens, a Miele rangehood and Miele integrated dishwasher. | Photography by Shannon McGrath

    Malvern Residence II by Studio Tate

    Malvern Residence II by Studio Tate features a Miele wall oven, Miele steam oven and Miele gas cooktop. | Photography by  Lillie Thompson

    As a premium appliance brand, Miele is known for collaborating closely with Australian architects and designers. Why is this so important to Miele? 

    Matthew Jefferies: The architecture and design community deal directly with our customers and often recommend Miele for the design, engineering, and quality that the brand represents.

    Do you have a particular collection or product that is most popular with architects and designers?

    Matthew Jefferies: Our handless range of built-in appliances is popular in applications where the designer wants to accentuate a kitchen’s clean lines and colours, tying into the cabinetry and finishes. Our Graphite Grey and Obsidian Black have been popular colour choices. Overall, it really comes down to the client and the type of project and the designer’s aesthetic. We certainly see trends shift, but Miele has a timeless, contemporary, and classic look that appeals to many.

    You worked closely with zero-waste warrior Joost Bakker on the Future Food System in Melbourne’s Federation Square. Why was Miele the appliance of choice for Joost Bakker? How did Miele align with Joost’s mission to design a self-sustaining home?

    Matthew Jefferies: We have a longstanding relationship with Joost and are proud to have supported several of his zero-waste initiatives, including Greenhouse’s first pop-up at Federation Square in 2008. Miele was of course the natural fit for the Future Food System house, given our ongoing commitment to developing the best possible appliances with the least impact on the environment.  We worked closely with Joost to ensure that every Miele appliance featured in the house was carefully considered to meet the highest expectations for energy saving and efficiency.

    A Contemporary Lens on Heritage Detail

    Gridded House by Carr features a Miele Vitroline Pyrolytic built-in oven and Miele Vitroline Compact combi-steam oven, as well as a dishwasher and microwave. Full-height kitchen joinery conceals a Miele integrated fridge and freezer.  | Photography by Timothy Kaye

    Bellows House by Architects EAT

    Bellows House by Architects EAT features two Miele CleanSteel wall ovens, a Miele five-zone induction cooktop and an integrated dishwasher. | Photography by Derek Swalwell

     In 2020, Miele announced its first 10-year warranty – the longest a premium brand has ever introduced in Australia and New Zealand. We’re interested in this pioneering move – how has it been received?

    Matthew Jefferies: As you can imagine, this was a hugely successful promotion. We are confident in the quality and longevity of our appliances and wanted to offer our customers complete peace of mind when investing in our brand. 

     What do Australian architects and designers have to look forward to from Miele in 2022? 

    Matthew Jefferies: Several exciting new product introductions are coming in 2022, including a new suite of laundry appliances, a sleek and powerful TwoInOne extractor and updates to the refrigeration range.

    Finally, how is Miele designing and manufacturing appliances that meet the needs of homes of the future? 

    Matthew Jefferies: Given the lifespan of our appliances, we must factor in the future needs of our customers in the design phase. With our Generation 7000 range, for example, architects and designers can be confident that their client’s appliances are always up to date with the latest software and built-in smarts as remote software updates are available at the touch of a button. This is made possible thanks to our WiFi-enabled appliances and the Miele app.

    From a sustainability standpoint, the biggest opportunity to enhance our customers’ lives in the future is to reduce the emissions in the use phase of our products (Scope 3.11), as this is the most significant contributor to our overall carbon footprint. We aim to reduce this by 15 per cent from 2019 to 2030. 

    Kensington Park by Stefan Vignogna features a Miele cooktop and Miele wall ovens. | Photography by Jack Small

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