Apartmento Villa Lobos

  • When you have views like the ones in this São Paulo apartment, you’d be silly not to leverage them as much as possible in your design. This was the starting point for Felipe Hess, who developed a design focussed around the treetop views the apartment enjoys through its location on the corner of Villa-Lobos park .

    Characterised by a neutral palette of materials and tones, the space allows for all kinds of social entertaining through large communal spaces and multifaceted layouts, all against the backdrop of the parkland greenery below.

    DESIGN Felipe Hess | PHOTOGRAPHY Ruy Teixeira

    Working from the client’s brief to expand and fully integrate the living spaces, the layout now encompasses connected indoor and outdoor living spaces that unfurl from the relaxed open plan kitchen in an L shape around through the dining and lounge areas and finally flow out to the balcony (featuring its own dining space). The bedrooms are tucked off to the side of this central space, allowing for individual retreat.

    Materials have been kept streamlined and neutral, reinforcing the integration of the spaces and creating a consistent aesthetic through simplicity. Clear wood floorboards, grey and white stone and white panelling define the overarching style of the apartment, while the Tauari wood carpentry connects the spaces, from the bookshelf in the living room to the buffet in the dining room. A simple  open fireplace at one end of the space provides a rustic touch, while at the other end the bright, all-white kitchen shows the design’s modern sensibility.

    While the materials and finishes of the home draw on a simple, Nordic sensibility the furnishings and artwork add a layer of character. The striking, colourful artworks burst out from the neutral interior backdrop, while the carefully-selected pieces of designer furniture (obviously someone had a soft spot for midcentury Danish wares!) exude timeless style. It all comes together in an aesthetic well-suited for contemporary living but well set up for the future – an open space with beautiful views is always in demand.

    White timber panelled walls and warm floorboards might seem like hallmarks of Scandinavian homes, but with the São Paulo backdrop they become more practical tonal choices, designed for ease of living and simple timeless materials.

    While the large dining table offers up an elegant dining spot for the family, the white stone island bench provides a casual place to gather and eat – the perfect spot for a quick weeknight meal.


    Mantis Floor Lamp | Spence & Lyda
    Moller Bench #63 Great Dane
    Moller Bench #63 | Great Dane
    Artwork by Joanna Logue
    Prime Time Sofa | Living Edge
    CH20 Elbow Chair | Cult
    Medea Rug | Armadillo&Co
    Smith Table Space Furniture
    Smith Table | Space Furniture | est living Design Directory

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