Apartment Turenne by Humbert & Poyet

  • Drawing from various eras and art movements of the past two centuries results in a rare balance of subtlety and excess.

    Within the third arrondissement, in the northern section of Paris’s Marais, Humbert & Poyet designers Emil Humbert and Christophe Poyet reworked a two-storey apartment of sublime eloquence, simple in its layout and arresting in its atmosphere.

    Humbert & Poyet handpicked the Arabescato marble to serve as a backdrop for the La Cornue range cooker. They custom-designed the Asterios suspension light to hang above the marble island, with BassamFellows Tractor stools. All kitchen cabinets are fitted with brass handles and painted in Farrow & Ball’s Calke Green.

    A custom marble fireplace designed by Humbert & Poyet reflects their mission to keep traditional craftsmanship alive by carefully selecting the best artisans and craftspeople.

    The design is largely inspired by the Art Deco stylings of a bygone era. Defined by its popularity in the 1920s and 30s and characterised by sleek geometry and form materialised by human ingenuity, it proved a deep well for the designers to draw from.

    Apartment Turenne features ornate frames, hardware by I1 Fanale, lighting and suspension by the firm’s in-house Asterios, and decorative furnishings, all of which use noble materials such as marble, terrazzo, wood and brass. “In all of our designs, we think it is important to carefully select the best artisans and craftsmen in order to keep traditional craftsmanship alive,” Emil says. “To source the marble we use for our projects, we work closely with the Carrara quarry where we go ourselves to handpick every slab.” Melded with a precise layout and Parisian-inspired interior design, Humbert & Poyet have captured these often disparate qualities and pulled them together harmoniously.

    Humbert & Poyet introduced terrazzo flooring with a custom terrazzo staircase and brass railing. Artwork: Subway drawings, Keith Haring 1986.

    This transcendent balance of material abundance and the warmth accentuated by use of space, is encapsulated by the kitchen – modern in its design, yet balanced with classical inspiration. For the firm, the Arabescato marble is a standout, to serve as a backdrop for the La Cornue range cooker. Lining all of the kitchen’s surfaces, they “used the marble for its richness, colour and overall presence which really helps to bring the space to life,” Emil says. “When you have a party, there’s always a gathering in the kitchen – here, it’s around this incredible marble island,” he adds.

    However striking through the abundance of design intricacies, Humbert & Poyet never lose sight of their mission – to craft a family home that speaks to the character of its occupants.


    This piece originally appeared in est Magazine issue #44.

    “In all of our designs, we think it is important to carefully select the best artisans in order to keep traditional craftsmanship alive.”


    – Emil Humbert

    Pierre Paulin Groovy chair, Serge Mouille wall lamp, chest by Humbert & Poyet, painting by Paul Stanley, ceramics by Andre Aleth Masson 1952.

    Humbert & Poyet handpick every slab of stone they use in their projects while working with Italian artisans. The main bathroom features Arbescato and antique French black stone.

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