An Iconic New Shower Collection

    • Bold, metallic, geometric and decorative; the Art Deco influence is enjoying a design resurgence- and the bathroom is no exception. We explore Rogersellers’ latest tapware collection Eccentric and the story behind its elegant design.

      The unique art movement of the 1920-1930s gripped the imagination of nations worldwide, bringing the sleek lines, motifs and decorative style to architecture, interiors, furniture, jewellery and artwork among many other forms. Now, we’re being inspired once again by the revival of the era of art deco opulence. However, this time it seems the return of the vintage allure is playing out in the design world in a more contemporary sense.

      We take a closer look at the influence and design behind the latest shower additions to the Rogerseller Eccentric collection. 

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      Whether you’re the proud owner of a 1920s home dripping with period charm or have inherited an heirloom piece to accompany this exciting era, Rogerseller has made it easy to add a touch of glamour to the bathroom.

      Their Art Deco inspired latest shower collection; Eccentric draws on a timeless elegance and unique vintage aesthetic with showers that are reminiscent of performers microphones from the ‘razzle-dazzle’ age.

      Bringing to mind a microphone used by some of the world’s most iconic eccentric performers of the 20th century, the Eccentric by Rogerseller shower collection incorporates distinctly elongated perforations that are synonymous with the microphones of the time, in a contemporary and elegant way.

      Designed by Rogerseller and made in Australia from quality machined solid brass and stainless steel, the Eccentric shower range is engineered to stand the test of time, like a true icon of its time. The carefully designed Quad Spray pattern has been meticulously engineered to deliver a generous (yet soft) downpour all the while respecting a moderate level of household water consumption.

      An extension of the award-winning Eccentric by Rogerseller tapware and accessory ranges, the showers also weave in the distinct circular design and solid, luxurious touch. The range now also includes a rail hand shower, a hand shower on an integrated wall union, a dual rail shower and a shower rose that can be paired alongside a matching ceiling or wall arm. All of which are available in Rogerseller’s natural elements finishes; Brushed Gold, Brushed Nickel, Graphite, Chrome and a Classic Matt Black.

      Paying homage to an era of sophistication and beautiful design Rogersellers’ shower range as part of their hugely popular Eccentric collection is sure to inspire. 

      Explore the Eccentric collection through Rogerseller here. 

      Noelle in Nashville | Travel | est living

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