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  • We explore an alluring loft-style apartment in Amsterdam’s Oud-Zuid neighbourhood, designed by I+Y Interior Architecture.

    I+Y, an architecture and interior design studio located just outside of Amsterdam, employed a ‘less is more’ approach while designing this small-scale apartment in the city’s centre. The former warehouse space is now a calming urban retreat thanks to a grounding material palette, minimal furnishings and beautiful, hand-crafted details. “We aim to design places that balance architecture and fine details, where function and flow culminate in timeless aesthetics,” I+Y co-founder Rebecca Wijsbeek says.

    The combination of smoked Eucalyptus and textured travertine imparts a warm, comforting quality to the spaces.

    Renowned for its art museums and manor-lined leafy streets, Oud-Zuid (Old-South) maintains its status as one of Amsterdam’s most sought-after residential suburbs. It’s also where many of the city’s historical buildings are located, including the one where Amsterdam Loft resides. Previously an office and warehouse space, the brick-clad building was only recently redeveloped into a high-end residential building consisting of only 18 apartments. 

    The apartment’s design is centred around two materials – smoked Eucalyptus and textured travertine – which, when paired together, impart a warm, comforting quality to the spaces. “The richness of the Eucalyptus embraces you as soon as you step in and, when contrasted against the travertine, mimics the atmosphere of a remote beach,” I+Y co-founder Rienk Wiersma says. She adds that the continuity of these materials was key to ensuring fluidity, which in turn calms the senses.

    Rienk cites Japanese minimalism as a primary source of inspiration for the project, including honest and simple materials, open and light-filled spaces, and limited yet comfortable furnishings. He also speaks to the influence of Brutalist architecture in shaping the home’s sharp lines and strong forms, referencing the stone kitchen island as an example.

    Large windows span one side of the apartment, bathing the interiors in natural light. Pictured is a custom dining table by I+Y and Time & Style Falcon dining chairs.

    In the living spaces, Eucalyptus and travertine are paired with oak and carpet flooring. Pictured is the Flexform Asola sofa, Liaigre Bronze Trépied side table and Time & Style A Table in the Silent Forest.

    The Flexform Crono sofa is paired with Time & Style Zen coffee tables.

    Interior walls are finished in Eucalyptus to create fluidity between spaces.

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  1. wow, what a beautiful project! This is really well done! Perfect combination of colors and materials!

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