Home Tour | Amity Street by Selma Akkari and Rawan Muqaddas

  • Selma Akkari and Rawan Muqaddas combine restraint and warmth to create a uniquely curated residential experience in Amity Street. The Brooklyn home sees a fusion of contrasting insertions that animate the interior while capturing a nod to the building’s past.

    Originally built in 1910, the envelope the home sits within had shared many a character-enriching chapter before its most recent renovation. Through the eyes of a developer wanting to recraft the interior to reflect the changing clientele and demographic of the area, the apartment is endowed with an uplifting recalibration while still retaining an essence of its past legacy in place.

    Natural stone with expressive veining adds depth to the kitchen while steeping these key amenity spaces in a heightened quality and focus on longevity.

    Ensuring natural light could enter and enliven the key occupied areas was integral to the replanning, reducing the reliance on imposed energy throughout the day.

    Balancing the energy of the neighbourhood and the bustle on the streets surrounding the home, the design approach was to create an inward calm. A restrained palette of materials and tones is overlaid throughout, while key moments see a unique coming together of collected and curated treasures to enhance the home’s personality.

    The spaces needed to be realigned to reflect both a contemporary newness and one that created a more refined offering. With the kitchen sitting at the centre of home life today, a more open sense of flow was created. Allowing movement up to and within the kitchen, and out into the adjacent living spaces, the gathering, and social space was given its moment.

    The large openings allow and encourage an internal flow while detailing in the plaster ensures a continuation of the home’s original heritage is felt among the more modern interventions.

    Warming the muted base of the home sees the insertion of timber joinery and furniture that enriches the palette. Drawing on the grounded narrative of Brooklyn and the Brownstones dotted throughout Cobble Hill, the warmth of texture and a connection to the natural material adds a crafted layer.

    Located on the fourth floor, Amity Street is a place of private retreat that sits patiently awaiting its owners and visitors to accompany it while watching over the streetscape below. Selma Akkari and Rawan Muqaddas have created and executed a unique vision by combining past and present while reinforcing connections to the treelined streets beyond.

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