Amagansett House by Ronen Lev

  • At est we think everyone deserves a place for quiet reprieve – particularly for those living in the inner-city. For this New York family, a retreat from the concrete jungle lifestyle came thanks to a home away from home in the quaint town of Amagansett . This well-appointed Hamptons home is the envy of its neighbours and contrary to the surrounding estates, it’s not due to its size.  Thanks to the thoughtful design of Ronen Lev, the home is testament to enjoying the simpler things in life – by doing more with less.

    DESIGN Ronen Lev | STYLIST Katja Greef | PHOTOGRAPHY Nicole Franzen

    Coming from an inner-city apartment, the family wanted the home to feel removed from the city that never sleeps. To be mindful of the local vernacular, the home takes on the traditional features of cedar wood and the Hamptons staple shingle roof – but setting the home apart from the rest is the focus on generous open spaces and framed views, fulfilled by Newmark Custom Builders.  The revised design is oriented around two zones that are connected by a glass-panelled atrium. Within these zones there is a versatility for shared and private spaces, segregated not by walls but by a change in materials from cedar to slate tiles. Further opening up the interior is the open-tread staircase designed by Steve Schroeder.  These unpretentious cedar-and-metal steps, alongside mahogany decks, cable railing systems and bluestone patios make for a home that is inclusive of the outdoors and built to endure. At each level, the practical design features ensure the home elides the boundary between the inside and outside.

    Ronen Lev has favoured natural, locally-sourced materials to reflect the design vision of sophisticated softness. We’re sure it will come as no surprise that we at est gravitate to the instant familiarity of Nordic-inspired furniture, leather fittings and wood grain textures; a neutral palette that rests easy on black and white. Cool tones have been added to the interior palette, with a particular splash of blue calmly reflecting the coastal landscape. And perhaps most importantly, every object is designed to belong by being custom-made or sourced from small furniture designers. Keeping with this highly personal theme, Ronen Lev decided not dress the walls with art, believing that the family should live in the home before adding their own collection.

    By being neither fussy or forced, this home gives a young family plenty of breathing room. Calling on this less-is-more approach seems to be the perfect formula behind an easy-living atmosphere, and the ideal retreat from the bustle of inner-city living.

    The natural colours throughout were chosen to highlight the lush greenery outside. The effect is a calming, intimate space with an effortlessly modern style.

    — Jessica Wilpon Kamel, Ronen Lev


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