Exploring a Swedish Photographer’s Silestone Kitchen

  • Swedish Silestone Kitchen

    We’re paying tribute to Nordic style through the lens of photographer Alice Johansson, inside her dark and cosy Swedish kitchen.

    We look to the Swedes to define Nordic Style in the kitchen. This admiration has taken us to the home of Swedish photographer Alice Johansson, characterised by a sense of simplicity, functionality and exceptional craftsmanship. 

    Located in Gothenburg’s archipelago of Donsö, Alice’s new home lifts cues from its picturesque surrounds. In partnership with Cosentino, we’re stepping inside Alice’s kitchen to find out how a passion for capturing interiors and the natural landscape came to inform her own kitchen. 

    Produced in partnership with Cosentino.

    Swedish Silestone Kitchen

    The kitchen needed to be a nucleus of the home, with ample storage opportunities and bench space. As avid dinner party hosts, it was important the kitchen would allow everyone to informally gather around the kitchen island – and for the cooks to still converse with their guests. “For us, the kitchen is among the most important space in the whole house,” Alice says. “We wanted the kitchen to have a central and obvious place, but also that it could merge with the house and become part of the interior.” 

    In the beginning, Alice had planned for an entirely black kitchen but felt it may appear stark with the concrete flooring. To soften the concrete underfoot, Alice decided on a stained oak kitchen made by VEDUM, with a Silestone® Calypso benchtop; “a given choice”. Silestone® Calypso, consisting of more than 90 per cent natural quartz, was selected for its stain and scratch resistance, easy to clean and maintain. 

    With its subtle white veining, Silestone® Calypso marries exceptionally well with the stained oak and reflects a close connection with the home’s timber exterior and rocky surrounds. Black pendants, leather handle detailing and rustic kitchen accessories further add to the warm and tactile atmosphere.

    While a chocolate brown palette may not have been the first choice in the kitchen, Alice says they couldn’t be happier with the result – ready to be shared with many a dinner party guests. 

    Stark House by Park Associates

    The kitchen features a Silestone® Calypso benchtop; a rich extension of the stained oak material palette. 

    Stark House by Park Associates
    Swedish Silestone Kitchen | est living
    Stark House by Park Associates

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