Albert Residence by Kestie Lane Studio

  • Having undergone a complete overhaul, this Albert Park residence has been given a new lease on life thanks to the team at Kestie Lane Studio. Once known for its all but none storage space and a somewhat dark and dysfunctional interior, this humble abode is now bursting with life and character, and home to a very happy family.

    DESIGN Kestie Lane Studio  PHOTOGRAPHY Peter Clarke | BUILDER North Building Group

    The client brief was simple; create an interior and a home that could accommodate a young family and their needs, while maintaining an honest and thoughtful design language. With their history of effortless renovation projects, the team at Kestie Lane were the right people for this task. Kestie explains, “The motivating design concept was to create a light filled sanctuary with a pared back delicate aesthetic and to reveal the beauty of the existing features of the home”. The designers have done just that by highlighting existing elements and adding a few extra touches that complement the homes newfound modern aesthetic.

    A minimal yet sophisticated palette and material selections sets the tone for this interior. With an appealing combination of classic and contemporary elements, the home feels very personal and inviting, just what the clients desired. An abundance of natural materials have been incorporated into the design, such as the grey stained oak timber joinery, limestone and timber floors and the striking soft concrete walls. These elements work together to ensure the home is timeless and punctuated. While not much colour can be seen, subtle colourful hues have been used throughout soft furnishings, decorative items and of course that eye-catching statement lounge suite.

    Bespoke craftsmanship is something that Kestie Lane Studio pride themselves on and is what we believe makes this home stand out from the rest. From the custom designed joinery to the collaboration with various artisans and craftspeople, the level of detail that has gone into this home almost makes it feels as if it has been this way forever. It’s not often a freshly renovated home can look and feel like it has never been touched. This is the result of a dedicated and persistent designer who has built a strong relationship and trust with their client.

    “Kestie, Georgia and the design team poured an abundance of heart and soul into the project, which transpired into a beautifully composed interior”. Kestie Lane Studio

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