Albert Park | Beatrix Rowe Interior Design

  • Beatrix Rowe has delivered yet again a beautiful interior to compliment the busy lifestyle of an inner city living client. Using pale timbers to define the space and set the tone of this small apartment based in Melbourne’s Albert Park, Rowe and the team at BRID have mastered the art of a sophisticated style that shows personality and warmth that is both individual and inviting.

    Mirrored splash-backs reflect the park views over the Domain, pale oak timber provides both the foundation for flooring and feature for interior walls and cabinetry while tan leather upholstery adds further textural dimension and graphic interest to the furnishings. Adhering to the adage that small spaces require efficient design, the team at BRID have succeeded in creating a home that is compact yet exudes a sense of space of much grander proportions. Intimate with an expansive outlook. Who wouldn’t want to come home to that?









    PHOTOGRAPHER: Shannon McGrath 



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