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    When we first met Aimee Marks of TOM Organic we were instantly enthralled in the story of her tireless pursuit of producing a beautifully packaged tampon that offers a chemical free choice for all women having to deal with that ‘Time Of Month’.

    What originally began life as an idea for a school assignment that required students to take an existing product and disrupt the market with a new creative concept for it, led Aimee to take on the world of feminine hygiene products (for want of a better term – and we wish there was one!) and turn it on its head.

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    After researching the market and the existing products available, Aimee discovered that many tampons stocked on supermarket shelves were harbouring toxic chemical residue and other potentially harmful ingredients that were causing allergic reactions and extreme discomfort to many women around the world. This revelation led to the one-time school project becoming a career altering pursuit at the awe inspiring age of 18, as Aimee enrolled herself into RMIT to study entrepreneurship in order to learn how to launch her new product and turn it into a successful business.

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    Officially launched some four years later in 2009, Aimee’s vision came to life with a product made from the purest organic cotton on earth, that is breathable, comfortable and hypoallergenic, while simultaneoulsy offering reliable, chemical free protection and peace of mind. Aimee refused to compromise on any of these pre requisite qualities – and nor should we as consumers of  a product with which we are so intimate. So just like that, Australia’s first truly organic tampon was created.

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    With the current packaging designed by Sydney based illustrator, Sarah Carter Jenkins, TOM Organic is now stocked in Woolworths, Coles, Thomas Dux, selected health food stores, pharmacies and IGA stores around Australia, with plans to export internationally soon.

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    We caught up with Aimee and her dynamic team at The White House owned by the Small Giants organisation in St Kilda, where they are lucky enough to run their office from. “The Whitehouse and the Small Giants team provide an amazing collaborative, community based work environment – while each of the businesses are independent we often bounce ideas off of each other and open up our networks to help each other out.” says Aimee.

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    Most Friday’s the collective group of businesses housed in The White House can be found sitting around the communal dining table in the Great Room, eating a gourmet, shared fare lunch prepared by the always smiling, chef in residence, Cassie from Firecracker.

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    On Friday afternoon’s in the summer, the TOM Organic and the Dumbo Feather teams get together for a “Drinks & Thinks’ sessions to brainstorm and workshop any challenges they might be having that day, week or month. So everyone leaves for the weekend with their work behind them and their challenges put to bed for the week.

    Yep – we want to sign up to lease an office there too. Join the queue!


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