Acerbis Unveils New Additions to their Remastered Icons Collection

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    As a pioneer of Italian furniture design, Acerbis introduces new additions to their Remasters Collection at Milan Design Week 2021: icons from the late 1900s re-innovated for the present day.

    Heralding 150 years of expertise and regarded as one of Italy’s most enduring furniture companies, Acerbis launched three new additions to their Remastered Icons Collection. Unveiled at Milan Design Week 2021, Acerbis revealed archive creations by the trailblazing designers, reinterpreted for the contemporary era. The additions reawaken Arcerbis’ icons as fresh versions of compositions whose modernity remains progressive even today.

    A trio of new icons featured in the Remastered Collection includes the Florian folding side table, originally designed by Vico Magistretti in 1989 and the Serenissimo and Creso tables, both designed by Massimo Vignelli, in 1985 and 1988 respectively.

    Stay tuned for more Milan 2021 highlights in est Magazine issue #42, released September 24.

    foldable multilevel table

    The Remastered Florian

    The new Florian folding side table, originally designed by Vico Magistretti in 1989 was remastered from the Acerbis archives. The newly designed version by Meda and Lopez Quincoces adapts to modern living. Its ash wood frame folds smoothly and quickly with a modern brass mechanism, while the visual impact is bolstered by lacquered tones of mustard, green spruce and brick.

    Folding side table

    The Remastered Serenissimo

    The reinvented Serenissimo is a functional table and graphic composition featuring four columns and a linear steel grinder to float the tabletop above. In the same vein as the original design, the remastered version speaks through geometry and materials. Refined metallic finishes or soft tones of stucco rest beneath a vast glass top, available in dimensions more than three metres long.

    Coffee table
    Coffee table
    Coffee Table

    The Remastered Creso

    A singular form with a monolith’s silhouette, the Creso experiments with a sole pedestal of support to transform the table into vigorous geometry. Remastered into a more faithful rendering of Vignelli’s ideas, the new Creso is crafted from travertine or topped by glass and braced by a base with various metallic finishes or hand-made stucco in a wide range of colours.

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