Jody O'Halloran

Jody’s interest in design piqued early and was affirmed after a stint in hospitality and later buying and renovating her own homes. Building on her passion she is always on the lookout for thoughtful practice at home and abroad. As a qualified Interior Designer, she feels spaces and objects speak volumes about the people who use them. “Space and accents should seduce us, ignite us and most importantly, reflect us”. Writing for est creates the opportunity to combine and share in all the things she loves about this genre.

I live in…Adelaide, South Australia.

I really love living in Adelaide for…its’ accessibility, diversity and the emerging designers

I love the breakfasts at…Whistle and Flute Café, Rustic Gourmet and Argos.

My favourite colour palette at the moment is… Always green, grey, black and white – the classics.

My favourite travel destination is…Williamsburg, Brooklyn, Greenwich Village and I cannot wait to get back to London and explore other cities like Copenhagen.

My favourite armchair would have to be…The classic Eames Lounge Chair but I would always say yes to a Husk chair by Patricia Urquiola.

I am currently saving for…A home renovation and more travel, anywhere the seas or  skies will take me.

I would describe my style as… Classic, modernist overtones and a collector of all things whimsical and meaningful.

In my next life I want to come back as…A guitar playing architect with envious gastronomic talents. .