Abode Launches New Tailored Collection

  • PHOTOGRAPHY Courtesy of Abode
  • Melbourne-based bedding brand Abode celebrate the launch of their new ‘Tailored’ collection, a 170-piece collection of premium Italian fabrics designed to support a bespoke approach to the bedroom.

    Abode engaged Melbourne-based interior design studio Mim Design to put a designer’s lens on the collection, collaborating with the studio on fabric selections and product realisations. Both Abode and Mim Design are known for their neutral, pared-back palettes, however, the collection marks a new direction as they take a more open-ended approach to colour.

    “A tailored collection seemed like the natural next step for Abode, as they’ve always offered their customers the option to customise, but never quite at this level,” Mim Design founding director Mim Fanning says. The hands-on, ‘anything-is-possible’ approach the Abode team takes to bedding, she adds, is like nothing she’s ever experienced in the bedroom styling space; “There isn’t a collection like this out there.”

    The Abode ‘Tailored’ collection includes 170 premium Italian fabrics ranging from Abode’s signature neutrals to unexplored deep-hued colours like purple and red.

    Mim designed a removable bedhead slip out of a deep-plum fabric, demonstrating one of many ways the collection can be translated into the bedroom. Here, the slip has been paired with light purple and gold tones for a bold bedroom composition.

    The fabrics themselves are milled in Italy out of fine-quality, all-natural fibres, which the Abode team have travelled the world extensively to find. The fabrics are then shipped to Abode’s workshop in Melbourne’s Camberwell and hand-sewn on-site by a 15-person team of talented seamstresses. Working on this collection with Abode and their craftspeople, Mim got to witness first-hand the level of care and craftsmanship that goes into each product. “The ability to produce the products on-site really resonated with me because I’m passionate about local design,” she says. 

    Designing a removable bedhead slip out of the fabrics, Mim has demonstrated one of many ways the collection can be translated into the bedroom. “Being able to change your bedhead offers a chance to reset with a changing season or style. This in turn reinforces the concept of the bedroom being a space of rejuvenation,” Mim says. Other possibilities include duvet covers, flat sheets, fitted sheets, throws, valances, and even curtains (at three metres wide a piece, there’s a lot of room for exploration), all of which can be custom-made by Abode in Camberwell.

    In discussing non-negotiables in the bedroom, Mim laughs and says, “sleep!”. Quality sleep is at the core of the Abode brand, and one of the main reasons why they started their business in the first place. “The ultimate goal with this collaboration, beyond being versatile and beautifully crafted, is to not want to get out of bed,” Mim says.

    The Abode Camberwell showroom, where the launch event for ‘Tailored’ was held.

    At the launch event, Mim Design founding director Mim Fanning, Abode creative director Amelia Marasco Adair and est living editor Sophie Lewis came together to share exclusive behind-the-scenes insights into the collection and its significance in the bedroom space.

    Left to right: Mim Design founding director Mim Fanning, est living editor Sophie Lewis and Abode creative director Amelia Marasco Adair.

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