A Traveller’s Home

  • When she’s not responsible for designing one of our favourite Mediterranean outposts in recent memory, interior designer and stylist Annabell Kutucu turns her eye to her home base in Berlin. In collaboration with Michael Schickinger, a recent standout project is the aptly-titled ‘Traveller’s Home’, transforming a 19th century apartment for the modern wayfarer.

    In emphasising the polished floorboards and arch windows and preserving the original ornate ceilings, there is an understated elegance to the story told throughout each room.

    Kutucu and Schickinger balance a deep respect for the history of the apartment with elegant contemporary touches, creating a space where an antique stove can be adorned with crockery, artwork and artefacts. Just as we collect special trinkets and keepsakes throughout our travels, each piece in the apartment feels carefully-considered, each texture tells a story. 

    ARCHITECTURE Annabell Kutucu & Michael Schickinger | PHOTOGRAPHY Claus Brechenmacher

    Favouring a natural colour palette that highlights texture over colour, the apartment is an instantly-comforting mixture of tans, browns and greys – particularly reassuring after a long trip away.

    Building on the relaxed atmosphere, materials such as wood, leather and linen are used extensively and add to the understated elegance throughout the apartment.

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