A Paddington Terrace

  • We’ve all been there – the point in the renovation where it seems like the limitations outweigh the opportunities in bringing your new home to life. But where there are limitations, there’s also room to explore, to see what can be created inside those unique guidelines – think of it as space to be creative.

    Adrian Amore architects have done just that with this single storey terrace house in Paddington, Sydney. Guided by strict heritage planning controls, they have modernised the home without losing the classic exterior charm or the signature features of the original structure.

    DESIGN Adrian Amore Architects | PHOTOGRAPHY: Felix Forest

    The living area has been opened up significantly, creating an entertaining space that encompasses interior and outdoor courtyard space, with floor to-ceiling-windows and bifold doors allowing for maximum light through the area.

    By minimising the elements and concreting on simple yet striking design, the interior scheme also focuses our attention to individual highlights. The timber window structure and the lofty ceiling line are a subtle but effective way of shaping the space, without leaning too heavily on creating new structure.

    In balancing the heritage restrictions with a pared back modernity, the final result is a living area that embraces inner-city living without comprising on character. In working to limitations, Adrian Amore architectures have found balance and style in a quintessential Sydney terrace.

    The new living area combines a monochrome aesthetic with an emphasis on natural timber furnishings to create a relaxed yet contemporary impression. Here the Husk Armchair sits alongside vintage pieces, books and greenery to add a lived-in feel to the home without creating clutter.

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