A New Home For Entrecôte in Melbourne’s Prahran

  • A New Home For Entrecôte in Melbourne's Prahran

    Melbourne’s beloved Parisian eatery, Entrecôte, bids farewell to its historic post on Domain Road, South Yarra, and reestablishes itself on Greville Street, Prahran. Entrecôte owner Jason M Jones and his partner, interior designer Brahman Perera, have worked closely to bring the new, multi-space venue to life.

    Formerly taking up residence in a Victorian terrace overlooking the Royal Botanical Gardens, Entrecôte has made a name for itself as one of Melbourne’s most beloved dining destinations. When its South Yarra chapter came to a close earlier this year, the restaurant embarked on its next chapter in the neighbouring suburb of Prahran. Just recently opening its doors, the new space emulates Entrecôte’s signature Parisian charm, with a reinstated sense of sophistication and romance. 

    It was only fitting that the interiors of the new space be led by Brahman Perera, partner of Entrecôte’s long-standing owner, Jason M Jones. An independent interior designer based in Melbourne, Brahman’s work is characterised by brilliant colours, contrasting textures and fine details. Having overseen Entrecôte on Domain Road, Brahman called on his already existing knowledge of the venue to conceive the new-and-improved Entrecôte on Greville Street.

    A New Home For Entrecôte in Melbourne's Prahran

    Occupying more space than its South Yarra post, the new Entrecôte features four distinctive areas, each offering a unique dining experience. The front facade of the restaurant depicts a quintessential Parisian cafe, with French-inspired bi-fold doors and cane bistro chairs that spill out onto the street. Upon entry, you are greeted with patterned mosaic floors, round tables draped in white tablecloths, and accents of deep gold. This is where you can enjoy your morning coffee and pastry while watching the world go by.

    Ascending a small flight of stairs, the space evolves into a more formal dining area. Deep gold becomes royal blue, and soon you are swimming in a sea of bold colours and textures. To the right side of the room is a Belle-Epoque inspired bar, fitted with amber-stained glass screens that elegantly conceal the liquor and wine collection. The seating area is to the room’s left, which features sumptuous, velvet-lined banquettes, antique oak panelling, and hand-painted linen tablecloths. Dividing the two is a central waiters station, which stands beneath a grand vaulted ceiling. The entire area is lit by an eclectic mix of custom lamps and chandeliers, conjuring a sense of old-world grandeur. 

    Venturing further into the space, a grand piano rests by a row of windows that look onto a courtyard inspired by Parisian hotels; cane bistro chairs, potted greenery and stripped green awning. Beyond the courtyard is the luxurious private dining room, which wears rich purple tones and features a bespoke wine cabinet.

    Entrecôte certainly had a good run on Domain Road, but it has found its ‘forever home’ on Greville Street. Brahman has stayed true to the venue’s tried-and-tested aesthetic while integrating a more immersive, layered dining experience. Lovers of the old will no doubt be lovers of the new.

    A New Home For Entrecôte in Melbourne's Prahran
    A New Home For Entrecôte in Melbourne's Prahran
    A New Home For Entrecôte in Melbourne's Prahran
    A New Home For Entrecôte in Melbourne's Prahran
    A New Home For Entrecôte in Melbourne's Prahran

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