A Canny Home to Covet

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    As any designer worth their salt will tell you, the lifestyle that takes place inside a home may be very different from how it appears from the outside. A space that looks perfect on Instagram probably hasn’t yet had much real living done in it yet – or if it has, we want the secret! So having pored over many a beautifully put-together, untouched home, you can imagine the opportunity to actually get into a real home and get a taste of what the lifestyle might be was too good to pass up for us here at est – and that’s where our friends at Canny came in.

    DESIGN Canny Architecture | PHOTOGRAPHER Derek Swalwell | FILM Tom Graham

    For those of you not familiar with the Melbourne design studio and builder, Canny have been bringing luxurious yet down-to-earth homes to life since launching in the early 1990s. We were in fact first introduced to Canny through their initial Lubelso debut in Hawthorn, but it was their Mornington Peninsula development, known as the ‘Black House’ that really put the firm on the map for us – in fact, it was our most-read feature in 2016.

    Having admired the Lubelso range for some time we jumped at the opportunity to spend a night in their Brighton Concept home, a sleek and minimalist creation that still exudes the approachable personality we associate with a Canny home. From the black timber accents and steel framing to the marble bench tops and floor to ceiling windows, the home has a clear aesthetic identity while providing plenty of space for residents to add their own touch. The layout emphasises communal living, with the central kitchen, dining and living area providing a hub for family living, while upstairs the bedrooms, ensuites and a children’s play area or rumpus space offer private space aplenty.

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    While the generous proportions and obvious design integrity are central to the appeal of this home, what we particularly liked was the unpretentious attitude of the design, from the myriad of sensible inclusions around storage, heating and cooling and materiality to the selection of hardwearing yet elegant furnishings, fixtures and fittings. Often when we think luxury we tend to associate it with spaces that are somewhat untouchable (aka too nice to really enjoy) but this couldn’t be further from the experience of the Canny home. If you’re curious to have a look around yourself, get in touch with the Canny team directly here; as for us, we’re already plotting our next est hq offsite back in Brighton…

    est living interiors CANNY Lubelso14292
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