A Balance of Beauty

  • Renowned Danish jewellery designer, Charlotte Lynggaard, takes us for a personal tour of her family’s summer house, north of Copenhagen.

    WORDS Julie Ralphs | PHOTOGRAPHY Jacob Gils

    Exterior of Charlotte Lynggaard’s Summer House

    Nestled just north of Copenhagen, between the sea and the city, is the summer hideaway for one of Denmark’s most renowned jewellery designers, Charlotte Lynggaard. Carrying on the family business created by her father, Charlotte continues the legacy that saw Ole Lynggaard appointed as Purveyor to The Royal Danish Court.

    As a mother of three who is fascinated by the light from the sky and the reflection of the sea, Charlotte also gets much of her inspiration from the changing colours in the forests surrounding her home. “Space creates light and light is something of a luxury in Denmark, as the winters can be quite long and incredibly cold,” says Charlotte. To achieve this sense of light and space, Charlotte raised the ceilings in some rooms and created open spaces elsewhere in the house.


    Working predominantly with colour in her designs at work, Charlotte was inspired to create a calm, neutral colour scheme at the summer house to delineate the two areas of her life, work and play. The result is a calming ambience that allows her the tranquillity and space to seek inspiration that is more conducive to her design process.

    Like her jewellery designs, where diamonds and other precious gems are exquisitely carved to capture the utmost light and colour, Charlotte is continuously seeking just the right balance of colour, contrast and continuity in her home. Amidst this peaceful palate of subdued hues and clean Scandinavian lines are occasional accents, from the richly textured fabrics, perfectly poised wicker baskets and other understated adornments. Here there is a balance of power and streamlined sensibility that creates an exclusive yet casual ambience, whilst allowing the impact of the natural surrounds to infuse her home with a sublime sense of the serene.

    The Lynggaard Kitchen and Dining Room

     “It’s all about opening up the interior in various ways, using light, tone-on-tone, whites and soft, muted greys. I believe a home should be open as much as possible with lots of natural light. It’s very uplifting for the soul.”

    Charlotte’s Home Office

    This house on a hill boasts a breathtakingly beautiful panoramic view of the ocean that stretches beneath. Rebuilt beyond recognition, the renovations undertaken by Charlotte are twice the size of the original house, and remain in a continual state of transformation. After attending the design school at the Academy of Art University in San Francisco, Charlotte worked in advertising in Paris and studied at the Rolf Müller Goldsmith School in Switzerland. But it was her travels to Japan that predominantly inspired her design aesthetic the most. Every counter, cupboard and piece of furniture is tailor-made to her personal sense of aesthetics, adding an array of different materials as accents. Like the jewellery she designs.

    Reflecting both grace and subtlety, the summer home pays tribute to the beauty of the natural patina of timbers, fabrics and metals. The interior works in part due to the successful union of the Japanese influence of stark beauty with the contemporary Scandinavian furnishings, creating an harmonious environment in which one can escape a busy life. Drawing on the calm effect of the ocean waves and the wind blowing the leaves of the trees whilst anchored in the clean lines of her expansive interior, Charlotte Lynggaard has successfully created a physical manifestation of ying, juxtaposed against the yang of the energetic inner city just a short drive away.


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