7 Pieces To Add To The Style File

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    Whether it be a sofa, a coat or a pair of worn-in-look jeans, this is the list to kick off your own style covet must haves for July. Your first 7 pieces begin here…

    1. Yak by LucidiPevere for De Padova.
    For obvious reasons. It’s leather. It’s natural ash timber. It’s goose down cushions and it’s beautiful.


    2. Burlap Jeans by Mother
    When are we ever not coveting a new pair of jeans in the eternal quest to find just the right pair? And these are on sale. Win Win!


    3. The Morley Coat from Jac+ Jack
    Available online at Jac+ Jack or in Melbourne’s Hawksburn store, the grey marle Morley Coat is a wardrobe staple that will last for many seasons to come. This is the ‘it and a bit’ coat for us right now.



    4. Quilted Clutch by One Another
    A tactile clutch to cling to as you step out out of your ugg boots and into the night, this One Another creation will leave you feeling warm and fuzzy on the inside too knowing that you are supporting the stable, safe employment of artisan women in far away lands.


    5. The Wasp Scooter
    Because sometimes we don’t want to drive an urban truck, carting around teenagers to sporting fixtures all weekend. No, we want to zip around town with the wind in our hair – and no one asking us for food. At $2,999 AUD thats a bargain.




    6. The Modern Gentleman at Lumas 
    Whether you love it for it’s architectural qualities or for what it represents, The Modern Gentleman is welcome addition to any style loving home.


    7. Vinylux Nail Polish
    Vinylux gives you a weekly nail polish that we promise will last a lot longer then the OPI polish you have been using – and we are sick of being charged $5 extra for it at the nail bar. Buy your own bottle and take it to the salon for them to paint on and you’ll save yourself over $240 a year. For a really natural look nail go for the Lavishly Loved #26.


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