50 Shades of Pale with the PS3H House

  • Adopting key elements of Nordic design, Ukrainian architect Igor Sirotov has created a stylish home in Guldboda, a picturesque Swedish port town south of Stockholm. Sirotov’s great skill in demonstrating simplicity while assuring functionality, makes this superb home pleasing on so many levels.

    DESIGN & RENDERS Sirotov Architects

    The tranquil, open mood of PS3H House is further offered by the exceptional use of glass – transparent sliding doors create light, interesting demarcations within the domestic zones. These ambiguous boundaries are used to spectacular effect in the separation of the garage from the living area, allowing the owners to showcase their penchant for luxury automobiles. As is evident from the renders, this feature also brings a unique design element inside the home’s living quarters.

    Italian furniture designers known for their sophisticated contemporary pieces were well chosen for this project. Both Kristalia and Paola Lenti’s low, spare furniture designed with simple shapes creates an overall sense of space and emits a striking Japanese aesthetic throughout the home. The stunning master bedroom houses a low to the ground bed, reminiscent of a futon and the timber box style bath and vanity units bring to mind the traditional Japanese ‘Ofuro’ soaking tub.

    Chic, open shelving seen in renders of the sophisticated kitchen by Valcucine is spacious and clean, contributing to the uncluttered, expansive feel of the entertaining zone. Unobtrusive, slim light fittings by Italian lighting guru Davide Groppi bring angles and interest as well as a brilliant lustre to the home’s private sleeping quarters. Overall, the low-set furnishings and sleek light fittings combined with natural light and a  beautifully pale palette, gives the home an ethereal, timeless beauty that is perfectly enchanting.

    A muted colour palette throughout the PS3H House delicately integrates each zone, achieving a restrained and elegant whole. A wash of natural light enhances the pale tones and lights wooden surfaces beautifully, lending a warm glow to the home’s interior.

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