10AM Penthouse and 10AM Venue by Studio Andrew Trotter

  • 10am Penthouse by Studio Andrew Trotter

    Discover 10AM Penthouse and 10AM Venue by Studio Andrew Trotter, a pinnacle of tranquillity in Athens, Greece.

    A former six-storey warehouse in downtown Athens now goes by 10AM Lofts, a multipurpose space founded by Eva Papadaki. Made up of a penthouse, venue and four lofts, 10AM Lofts has many faces; a photography studio, an art gallery, an events space, a residence; the list goes on. We’ve been given exclusive access to the penthouse and venue, both of which emerge from a collaboration between Studio Andrew Trotter, Gavalas Ioannidou Architecture and Eva Papadaki.

    You can find Eva’s 10AM Lofts in the heart of Athens’ Gazi district, home to a score of ex-industrial-buildings-turned-trendy-restaurants, bars, galleries and apartments – you name it. The multipurpose space launched just over five years ago as four distinct lofts designed to host creatives from all over Athens and the world. To seal her dream of an all-inclusive creative hub, Eva came up with the idea of 10AM Penthouse and 10AM Venue to stand alongside 10AM Lofts. She brought her vision to life early last year with the help of Andrew of Studio Andrew Trotter and Elini of Gavalas Ioannidou Architecture.

    10AM Penthouse occupies the two upper floors of the building. It can be used either as a residence, a venue for private gatherings or in conjunction with the other 10AM spaces for multifaceted events. The interiors of the penthouse paint a picture of Eva’s personality – of her love for travel, handmade ceramics and all things people. The space houses rare pieces from all over the world – take a flea market in Milan, for example, where Eva found a set of four authentic Charlotte Perriand dining chairs. These kinds of personal touches invite us to experience the penthouse through Eva’s eyes.

    The penthouse’s material palette is dark and seductive despite being an open space. “This palette makes the place feel cool in the summer months, sensuous with raw luxury,” Eva remarks. Stained limestone walls, black stone floors and dark wood cabinets create an amalgam of textures depictive of Athens.  

    10am Penthouse by Studio Andrew Trotter
    10am Penthouse by Studio Andrew Trotter

    10AM Venue occupies the basement and ground floor, linked by a large rusted iron staircase. Covering 500sqm in total, it can be used either as one large space or multiple smaller spaces. The venue retains some of the building’s industrial character – concrete floors, exposed ceilings and suspended lights – while softening it with new elements such as sheer curtains, cream-covered sofas and antique furniture.

    The exploration of light in 10AM Venue is what ultimately steals the show, with the ground floor being flooded in natural light and the basement being cast in shadow. “The feeling of the space depends on one’s position in it,” Eva says. “The dark and moody yet powerful feeling of the lower floor contrasts with the natural light and refreshing tone of the upper one.”

    From 10AM Lofts, now comes 10AM Penthouse and 10AM Venue, the newest parts in a well-oiled machine of creativity, inspiration and self-expression.

    10am Penthouse by Studio Andrew Trotter

    The most important values in 10AM Venue are light and texture, while the most important elements are concrete, glass and metal.

    10am Penthouse by Studio Andrew Trotter

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