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Hudson Getty Boardshorts | Overworked Dad Gift Guide | Est Living

Overworked Dad

Spoil the overworked dad in your life with gifts for switching off and relaxing over the holiday period.… Read More

525 High Street | JCB Architecture and Hecker Guthrie | Est Living

525 High Street

Hecker Guthrie bring their signature modern luxury and eye for detail to this new Prahran project with Goldfields.… Read More

Est Living |Paris Shopping Guide

Shopping in Paris

In the final entry to our Paris primer, we list the best places to shop for design, fashion and gifts in Paris.… Read More

Comme Des Garcons Wallet | Mum on the Run Gift Guide | Est Living

Mum on the Run

Gift ideas for the ladies on the go – whether you’re treating yourself or making subtle suggestions.… Read More

Peterhof House | Hauvette Madani | Est Living

Peterhof House

This stylish French apartment mixes a classic monochrome approach with touches of turquoise. … Read More

Cesena Penthouse | Studio Tisselli | Est Living

A Cesena Penthouse

An Italian penthouse gets some serious contemporary cool thanks to a conceptual renovation from Tisselli Studio. … Read More

Est Living | Paris Guide | Rue Reaumur

Right Bank Retreats

In the second of our four-part Paris guide, we take to the Right Bank to showcase some of the most elegant homes to stay in, and the local lifestyle to enjoy.… Read More

Figtree Apartment in Watson's Bay | Unique Estates | Est Living

Figtree Apartment

Make the most of the great outdoors and revel in your own luxury tree house in the heart of Watson’s Bay.… Read More

Library Stairs by Commissioned Editions | Criteria Collection | Est Living

The Library Look

With the busy end of year getting closer, we’ve craving a relaxed library retreat, with comfortable corners and timeless style. … Read More

Daniel Boddam | Bondi Apartment | Est Living

Bondi Apartment

A Bondi abode done differently. This Daniel Boddam designed apartment reinterprets coastal living with a refined neutral style. … Read More